December Deals

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Pro Tech Bundle

Our most popular toolkit, plus the Magnetic Project Mat, and a limited-edition bottle opener.

$157.99 AUD
Gamer Bundle

Customize your rig or reboot a console with the Manta Driver Kit and accessories.

$184.99 AUD
Electronics Repair Bundle

The Essential Electronics Toolkit and our new Cleaning Kit are your gateway to electronics repair.

$87.99 AUD
DIYer Bundle

Tackle your home project to-do list with the heftier Mahi Driver Kit and accessories.

$97.99 AUD
Everyday Carry Bundle

The Minnow Driver Kit and extra pocketable tools make for quick, on-the-go repairs.

$89.99 AUD
Pro Tech Toolkit

With our Pro Tech Toolkit, you're ready for any electronic or hardware repair that comes your way! You'll have a hard time finding a phone, laptop, or game console you can't open with our best-selling kit.

$115.99 AUD
Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits

iFixit's Mako Driver Kit includes our 4 mm aluminum screwdriver handle with magnetic bit socket, knurled grip, and swivel top—plus 64 precision driver bits and a flexible extension. With this toolkit, you'll be prepared to tackle any sneaky security screws that come your way.

$62.99 AUD
Manta Driver Kit - 112 Bit Driver Kit

Our most comprehensive bit kit for the ultimate repair enthusiast.

$109.99 AUD
Moray Driver Kit

Meet the new, ultra-compact Moray Driver Kit, Minnow's slightly bigger brother. With 32 bits, it's the perfect kit to keep in your junk drawer to prevent your stuff from becoming junk.

$32.99 AUD
Mahi Driver Kit - 48 Bit Driver Kit

48 1/4" driver bits plus iFixit's 1/4" aluminum screwdriver handle in our next gen bit case.

$62.99 AUD