Google Pixel 3a

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Google Pixel 3a Screen - Genuine

Replace a front glass digitizer screen for a Google Pixel 3a smartphone. Features a 5.6 inch 1080 x 2220 pixel OLED Display.

From $129.99 AUD
Google Pixel 3a Battery - Genuine

Replace a dead or damaged model G020E-B battery for a Google Pixel 3a smartphone.

From $42.99 AUD
Google Pixel 3a Screen Connector Tape - Genuine

This adhesive tape secures the screen connector in a Google Pixel 3a smartphone.

$4.99 AUD
Google Pixel 3a Charging Assembly - Genuine

Replace a damaged or corroded USB port and cable for a Google Pixel 3a smartphone.

From $29.99 AUD
Google Pixel 3a Rear Camera - Genuine

Replace a rear-facing camera compatible with the Google Pixel 3a smartphone. Fix focusing or sensor issues.

From $64.99 AUD
Google Pixel 3a Battery Adhesive Strips - Genuine

Replace the adhesive film that secures the battery to the rear case compatible with a Google Pixel 3a smartphone. Includes a set of two adhesive strips.

$7.99 AUD
Google Pixel 3a Display Adhesive - Genuine

This custom cut adhesive film secures the front glass digitizer screen to the frame of a Google Pixel 3a smartphone.

$7.99 AUD