iFixit is fighting for your Right to Repair in Australia

What Is Right to Repair?

Right to Repair is a movement to protect your right to fix the things you own. Manufacturers of cars, tractors, and electronics are fighting to keep repair instructions and repair parts out of your hands. They want you to buy new stuff or pay them to fix it, instead of fixing it yourself or using a local repair shop you trust. 

Right to Repair means no digital locks. It means widely available parts, tools, and instructions. And it means doing what’s right for the planet, reducing our overconsumption and our electronic waste.

How Is iFixit Fighting for Your Right to Repair in Australia?

  • We support national Automotive Right to Repair Legislation. In June 2021, the Parliament of Australia passed a bill that will require motor vehicle manufacturers to make diagnostic codes and repair instructions available to independent repairers. We mobilized our repair experts to help get that legislation on the road.
  • We’re helping the Government understand why Right to Repair matters. The Australian Productivity Commission is investigating barriers to repair, like digital locks and proprietary fasteners. We submitted comments that will be part of their report to the Government.
  • We’re working with experts and allies to support Right to Repair. iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens was a keynote speaker at the first-ever Australian Repair Summit, hosted by the Griffith University Law Futures Center in Queensland. At the summit, we met Erin Turner from the Australian consumer advocacy group CHOICE, which found that 75% of Australians support stronger Right to Repair laws. 

Our Friends in Australia: