Clean Sweep Bundle

Clean Sweep Bundle

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Bust through the dust with our Clean Sweep Bundle. Keep the insides and outsides of your electronics spick and span with this collection of cleaning, brushing, and maintenance tools.

The Clean Sweep Bundle contains:

Precision Tweezer Set
  • Blunt, pointed, and angled ESD-safe tweezers in a canvas pouch.
  • Made for grabbing those delicate wires, connectors, and components. But handy for unibrows, too!
Detailing Brush
  • Like a toothbrush on steroids, this double-ended brush quickly cleans up battery acid damage, residue from spills, corrosion from water damage, dust, and thermal paste residue.
  • This brush is safe for most applications, but is not an official "ESD safe" tool.
Scratch Brush
  • Sand and clean hard to reach areas.
  • Great for cleansing electrical contacts and removing rust and corrosion from surfaces with lots of details and texture.
Anti-Static Brush (Medium)
  • ESD safe anti-static brush.
  • Great for dusting and detailing delicate and not-so delicate components and parts.
Anti-Static Brush (Medium, low profile)
  • ESD safe anti-static brush, great for dusting and detailing delicate and not-so delicate components and parts.
Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
  • Two pack of microfiber cloths.
  • Perfect for cleaning the screen of your device.
Dust Blower
  • Work like a Pro by keeping fans and machines clean without touching them.
  • May incidentally reduce stress during use.
Detailing Eraser
  • Hands-down our favorite tool for tasks like cleaning video game cartridge contacts or removing smudges from hard surfaces.
  • Handy built in brush on back helps clean up the eraser "tails" left behind.
Cotton Swabs
  • Swab the deck of your 1:64 scale Pequod or clean your clock with a soft touch.
  • These cotton tipped birch swabs make excellent applicators for small quantities of glue, paint, solvents, or lubricants.
Surface Detailing Block
  • Feels like soft foam, but is actually rock hard on a microscopic level.
  • It works like 10,000 grit polishing sandpaper to remove foreign materials from all sorts of surfaces.
iFixit Screen Saver
  • Gentle spray cleanser safe for use on screens, plastic cases, and all kinds of delicate surfaces.
  • 8 ounces of screen saving awesomeness.

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